What Our Clients Have Said…


“Jo Lena worked with our company as a contract trainer. There views from our customers were that they loved her. She was personable and seemed to strike a cord with them and their needs. I personally enjoyed my professional relationship with her and found her to be honest and principle-centered.”
Jeff Gibbs


“Jo Lena is an extraordinarily talented individual with an innate understanding and appreciation of people. She’s dynamic, personable, authentic, and value-driven. She tends to be less consumed with theory and more focused on how to help people, teams and organizations in practical ways. I am confident that Jo Lena can add value to almost any project where strong interpersonal skills are needed to achieve desired results.”
Zachary Hawkins, Executive Director


“Jo Lena is one of the most outstanding professional talents I’ve come across. She is an extremely gifted at helping organizations, teams, and individuals to unlock hidden and untapped potential. A highly strategic thinker, Jo Lena possesses a keen ability to see rich opportunities in seemingly the direst circumstances affecting organizations. Jo Lena Johnson is hands down, an A+ professional and a wonderful personality!”
Michael Wotorson, Executive Director
Campaign for High School Equity


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jo Lena on numerous projects. She is truly a consummate professional. She is creative, organized, dependable and full of energy and ideas. Whenever I have a project that I need assistance on, Jo Lena is usually the first person I call because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”
Kim Crouch, Attorney
General Motors


“It is my “Absolute” pleasure to recommend Jo Lena Johnson. She is the consummate professional and problem solver. Her attention to the details and her enthusiastic approach is refreshing and much needed on complex projects. Jo is a natural born leader and any business partner/entity will be better for knowing and working with her.”
Patterson Roslyn, Senior Account Executive
Ketchum PR


“Jo Lena presented the course material while seamlessly integrating questions and examples from the participants. I’ll be able to take several things I learned today and use them at work and home.”

Darin De Boer, Director of IT Infrastructure,
CNA Surety, Sioux Falls , SD


“This workshop was held by the most dynamic and exuberant facilitator I have ever met. She really knows her stuff and was exceptional in her ability to express the discussions and enlist the participation of the delegates. Superb!”
A. Hunter, Director,
CMG, Reading, Berkshire, England


“Jo Lena offers her heart and her passions to help you look at yourself and recognize its okay to have our own idiosyncrasies and to work with our strengths while we practice improving/working with our weaknesses.”
Serena Rodgers, Sr. Administration,
SIR Construction, Mukilteo, WA


“Jo Lena Johnson was very hands on and kept me interested throughout the training. She did review useful information that I will utilize in my daily life.”
Caroline D.