Jo Lena Johnson

About Jo Lena Johnson

Jo Lena Johnson, International Speaker, Trainer, Publisher, Author and Leadership Performance Specialist, provides Training, Facilitation, Coaching, Executive Coaching, Keynote Speeches and is also available as a Conference Speaker, for Book Signings, Seminars, Banquets and Retreats in the Corporate Arena, Non-Profits and Youth Organizations and Groups. Jo Lena Johnson, providing essential leadership, communication & relationship building skills for today’s world will assist you and your organization in your success.

The “Mission Possible Communication Series” – The Signature Series with Jo Lena Johnson

Features 3 to 5 interactive training sessions spread out over a day, a week, or a month. Jo Lena shows people how to reduce stress & conflict, gain understanding & respect, increase harmony & health, and create better relationships. The series is customized to fit the needs of the particular group – including middle & high schoolers, college students, adults and members of the professional community/corporate America.

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