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Dr. Lee Roy Jefferson

About Dr. Lee Roy Jefferson

President & Managing Principle, of Be ExtraOrdinary Living, Inc., Dr. Lee Roy Jefferson is a man of God, a learned Bible scholar, and has served as a minister, professor, pastor, Christian educator, and school president. Through his guidance on family, marriage, relationships, and conduct for youth, adults, and clergy, Dr. Jefferson shares wisdom that will help you build your storehouse and path to your Divine purpose.

Dr. Jefferson is also Co-Author, of the book “If You Really Want to Live, Be Extraordinary,” by he and Jo Lena Johnson, in addition to serving as President of the Northern Baptist School of Religion, Newark, New Jersey.

Dr. Lee Roy Jefferson provides Preaching, Teaching, and Lecturing. He is also available as a Conference Speaker, for Book Signings, Seminars, Banquets, Staff Development, and Retreats.

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If You Really Want to Live, Be Extraordinary!

A 21st Century Guide to Practicing Christian Living with help for Life Purpose, Direction, Faith, Practical Daily Living and More.

Title: If You Really Want to Live, Be Extraordinary!
Authors: Jo Lena Johnson & Dr. Lee Roy Jefferson
Publisher: Mission Possible Press, a division of Absolute Good Training
ISBN: 978-0-98275290-0-5
Retail Price: $24.95


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