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My Dentist Appointment

A delightful tale about Macayla’s first unexpected dentist appointment. This story was written to lessen the fears of parents and children concerning  dental appointments.Much of the ...

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Journey to the Rune

An adventurous story of courage, friendship and sacrifice. Fast paced and clever, all readers can relate and be inspired by this tale of determination – as we ...

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Dr. Candace Wakefield

About Dr. Candace Wakefield

Dr. Candace T. Wakefield is the owner and board-certified pediatric dentist of Children’s Dental Zone! Dr. Wakefield is passionate about helping children maintain a healthy and beautiful smile by encouraging them to have a positive attitude towards dentistry.  Dr. Wakefield is a member of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association and is a fellow of the American ...

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Paul Phromthong

About Paul Phromthong

Paul Phromthong was born in Medford, Oregon, and raised in Colorado. His parents traveled to the U.S. to open Thai Bistro Restaurant, settling into Littleton, where he grew up and attended his first years of school. Paul has had a love for writing for several years and has known, since the age of 10, that he wanted to become a professional author.

Having read many books, and ...

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